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ELinOS Embedded Linux

APES signs up to SYSGO's ELinOS Solution Provider Programme

The French company AP Embedded Solutions S.A.S. (APES) has been appointed preferred provider of the successful embedded Linux distribution ELinOS for Southern Europe. APES offers all services around the product - from local support to training and custom development.

ELinOS was developed by SYSGO, headquartered near Mainz, Germany. The first version was launched in 2000 and had immediate success in German-speaking countries. The current version 3.0 is available for all common CPU's and includes the graphical configuration tools for embedded Linux targets and a completely Eclipse-based IDE.

"ELinOS was voted Product of the Year in Germany" explains Bruno Privat, Managing Director of AP Embedded Solutions, "and we see a growing demand for services around this product in our market as well."

"In the embedded market, it is not only the product that counts, but the quality of the engineers who are responsible for the customer requests," confirms Walter Großgarten, Partner Manager for SYSGO. "With its experience, the APES team is an ideal partner to represent this philosophy in the Southern European market."

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About AP Embedded Solutions S.A.S.

APES was founded in October 2004 by a group of engineers with more than 30 years of experience in embedded systems. The company provides products, professional services, support and training for real-time operating systems and embedded Linux. On the product side, APES sells the full range of LynuxWorks products, from LynxOS to BlueCat Embedded Linux. APES targets industrial companies building complex software applications, including those with certification requirements, as well as automotive, aerospace and telecommunications.

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