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Compact introduction on 'Safe and Secure Virtualization' on embedded world

'Safe and Secure Virtualization' – a compact introduction to the tool-based development of complex Embedded Systems.

Modern embedded systems impose high demands on the development of software. It has to meet real-time requirements, offer network capabilities and provide graphical user interfaces. For a growing number of applications functional safety and data security must be guaranteed and sometimes even be provable if required. And of course, the end product should be available on the market quickly and should be flexible for future changes. Today, the industry is already providing tools and methods to meet these complex demands, however knowledge about best practice and the interaction of these tools is still insufficient.

Now, insight can be gained through attending the session 2.5 "Safe and Secure Virtualization" at embedded world conference 2009 in Nuremberg. Tool manufacturers, Esterel Technologies, IBM Rational, SYSGO, Absint, Symtavision, aicas, Aonix and escrypt will offer a compact introduction to the tool-based development of complex embedded systems.

A few of these companies are currently working on an "inter-operable embedded systems toolchain for enhanced rapid design, prototyping and code generation" (INTERESTED), a project being funded by the European Union (*).

The session starts with two academic presentations on the conceptual conditions for safe software development and the technical principals of real-time virtualization platforms. Participants of session 2.5 at embedded world conference will gain an insight into preconditions, concepts, and tools for successful development of complex embedded systems within just one day.

For more details on this session, which will take place on March 4, 2009, go to the embedded world conference website.

(*) The EU has affirmed the relevance of tools for the development of safe and secure embedded systems by accepting the projects SCARLETT (safety critical development) and TECOM (trusted computing) for funding.

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