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ELinOS 2.0 offers Real-Time Feature for Linux

ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS, the only distribution for embedded Linux to come from Germany so far, will be extended by numerous functions in version 2.0. For the first time, a German-language development environment is equipped with the kernel extension RTAI and enables the use of Linux in the environment of hard real-time tasks. In addition to the version for Intel processors, the development environment ELinOS is now also available for the PowerPC in German and English language versions.

With numerous new functions and enhancements, SYSGO presents the new version of the development environment for embedded Linux - ELinOS 2.0. With the kernel extension RTAI, hard real-time tasks can now be handled with ELinOS for the first time. When using an embedded solution in the environment of so-called hard real-time tasks, one expects the overall system to process certain time-critical tasks within a precisely defined period of time. This feature was previously reserved for a group of proprietary operating systems and can now also be handled with Linux. In addition, the embedded Linux distribution has been extended with regard to the kernel configuration tool ELK and now offers a consistent graphical interface for creating directly bootable ROM images. ELK 2.0 has a root filesystem editor and can manage several kernels simultaneously. Also included on the CD is the PPCBoot firmware with kernel support for MBX and the new Busybox 0.51 with extended shell and mini-vi-editor. ELinOS 2.0 supports not only the common x86 processors such as AMD Elan, JUMPtec Dimm and SSV DIL/NetPC but now also the PowerPC. The latest version of the embedded Linux distribution supports kernel version 2.4, which includes additional features such as JFFS Journaling Flash File System, MTD Memory Techology Devices and support for USB.

To further simplify the development of embedded Linux systems, ELinOS offers numerous pre-configured standard profiles covering the most important embedded situations. The examples contained on the CD have been extended, are clearly documented and can be loaded into the development environment if required and modified to suit the specific application. This enables even less experienced developers to develop their own embedded applications within a short time. This also applies to the boot strategies required in the embedded field. ELinOS offers pre-configured boot situations for ROM, floppy, flash disk or network boot, among others.

The development environment ELinOS supports engineers in the development of embedded systems with the open source operating system Linux. ELinOS contains numerous tools that facilitate the development of applications with low memory requirements and enable the use of Linux even on minimal systems such as mobile phones, PDAs or electronic devices.

ELinOS is aimed at newcomers and switchers from the industrial sector. Embedded systems for different processors can be generated with a single development environment. In order to ensure that the development environment can be used on the widest possible scale, ELinOS can be run on all current Linux distributions.

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