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ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS 3.1 available in December

The use of Linux is excellently developing since years. According to actual surveys Linux is number 1 operating system for the development of embedded systems. Therefor development environments and tools are used, which were especially designed for embedded systems. ELinOS is one of these integrated development environments, which allows working without interruptions from driver development until application development. ELinOS offers all tools like compiler, linker and debugger, maintains adequate boot strategies, is available for established embedded hardware and is handled easily by its graphical tools.

New in ELinOS 3.1

  • Cross development toolchain for Windows: The user has the possibility to develop Linux programs for his embedded target system from the Windows Host.
  • Integration of the Linux Kernel v2.6.9 with many new features like NTPL (native POSIX Threading Library), a new scheduler and preempt Kernel for faster and forcastable response times also for standard Linux, new Block I/O  ...
  • Integration of security features like Ipsec, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Encryption, SE Linux ...
  • Custom Board Support Program

The ELinOS Custom Board Support Program makes it possible for board and chip manufacturers integrate their hardware in ELinOS and thus take part at the general technology development.

SYSGO places the new ELinOS for a continuous toolchain and a continuous value adding chain. Hardware manufacturer get assistance for their customers by the Custom Board Support Program. And with boards based on Linux developers of embedded systems are able to develop their systems from driver until application without interrupts and later on maintain by web frontends.

SYSGO provides his extensive support and consulting program with further assistence, in order to lead to success a project realized with Linux.

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