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ELinOS for i.MX21 (Dragonball)

Together with its Japanese partner 4Link Systems SYSGO presents a Board Support Package for the i.MX21 processor (Dragonball) from Freescale. In cooperation with Freescale Japan Linux has been ported to the processor and the ADS board has been integrated in the ELinOS Board Support Program. Thus an extensive tool is available for the customers' development of embedded systems under Linux.

The i.MX21 processor which is very popular on the Japanese market is ARM-based and has been especially designed for multimedia applications like smartphones, wireless PDA and mobile applications.

With ELinOS a complete IDE for the development of mobile applications is available for the manufacturers. ELinOS offers the ELK as a comfortable tool, for the choice of the ADS board and the addition of all desired functionalities. Together with the complementary tools CODEO for the application development and COGNITO for the online analysis the ELinOS Application Suite offers a continuous toolchain for the development of embedded systems under Linux. The ADS board has been integrated in ELinOS and is availabe for the cross development under Linux and Windows.

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Corporate Profile Four Link Systems Inc.

Four Link Systems Inc. (HQ: Fukuoka, Japan, CEO: Fumiko Matsumoto) has been established in 1998 as an IT consulting company which provides solutions for visual communication technology (multiple dimension imaging technology), customized for customers' needs. Four Link Systems inc. has a strong focus on R&D, proposes, markets, and develops products to satisfy customers' ideal.

Four Link System has expanded its core competenceto Embedded Systems since June, 2004. This business includes systems for a wide range of devices, such as the general-purpose PC, PDA, ITS, Home Digital Devices and Industrial Devices.

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