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ELinOS supports ARM Processors

The distribution for embedded Linux originating from Germany is now also available for ARM processors and will be presented to the public at Embedded Systems 2002. ELinOS has been extended by special functions tailored to the ARM architecture and will be available not only for Intel x86, PowerPC but also for the widely used ARM processors from March 2002.

After the Intel x86 and PowerPC variants of the embedded Linux distribution have successfully established themselves in the market for integrated development systems, SYSGO is now providing a variant for ARM processors. From March 2002, the embedded Linux distribution ELinOS will be available for StrongARM SA 11x0 (LART), ARM720TDMi (implementa A7), ARM8 and ARM9 systems. ARM processors are used in numerous embedded systems such as vehicle components or pocket PCs and are characterised by high computing performance and low power consumption. To better support ARM processors, numerous adaptations have been made in ELinOS. These include the development of the generic firmware ARMboot, which enables different boot strategies via menu selection, as well as the provision of special drivers for ARM designs.

The ARM variant of ELinOS also contains a complete toolchain consisting of GNU compiler, assembler, linker and debugger, which initially serves as a basic package for application development around Linux. The memory requirements of a complete embedded ARM system can be scaled down to 0.5 MB ROM and 4 MB RAM.

To further simplify the development of embedded Linux systems, ELinOS offers pre-configured standard profiles that cover the most important embedded situations. The examples contained on the CD are clearly documented and can be loaded into the development environment if required and modified to suit the specific application. This makes it possible, especially for developers with little experience, to develop their own embedded applications within a short time. This also applies to the boot strategies required in the embedded field. ELinOS includes pre-configured boot situations for ROM, floppy, flash disk or network boot, also in the ARM variant.

ELinOS is aimed at newcomers and those who want to use embedded Linux for different processors. With a single development environment, embedded systems can now also be generated for ARM processors without additional training effort. In order to ensure the widest possible range of applications for the development environment, ELinOS can be run on all current Linux distributions such as SuSE, RedHat, Debian and others.

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