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ELinOS with further Real-Time Features

ELinOS Embedded Linux

The embedded Linux distribution ELinOS has been equipped with additional real-time features.

The open source distribution for embedded Linux, ELinOS, has been extended by the tools LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit) and LXRT. Both extensions focus on real-time applications and improve the existing embedded functionality of the Linux operating system.

LTT enables the precise analysis of the entire system and extracts the essential data (e.g. task switches, interrupts, system calls, etc.) from the kernel and then displays them graphically in the style of a logic analyser. Especially when developing real-time applications, it is important to know how the individual processes are handled and, above all, how long and what the CPU is busy with. LTT therefore supports both Linux and the real-time extension RTAI.

LXRT enables the testing/debugging of RTAI real-time applications as Linux user tasks. This means that the developer of RTAI applications now also has access to the development tools commonly used under Linux. The application is only integrated into the kernel as an RTAI task after debugging and testing.

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