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ELTEC offers extensive Linux Support

As part of its "Industrial Linux" initiative, ELTEC supports all current industrial and image processing products for easy and secure development of industrial applications in modern, flexible control and automation solutions. The popular operating system also offers many advantages for embedded designs. With its extensive support for Linux, ELTEC opens up time and cost savings in product development for its customers. Two compatible Linux platforms are offered: Standard Linux (e.g. from Suse or Red Hat) as host operating system for cross-development of industrial applications and ELinOS as embedded Linux.

"Industrial Linux" initiative for all current industrial and image processing products

The ELinOS development kit provides Linux for embedded systems. The package contains tools and support that facilitate the development of applications with low memory requirements and enable the use of Linux on minimal systems. Special hardware requirements of embedded systems, such as the lack of hard disks, are taken into account and supported by suitable boot strategies. Through the kernel extension RTAI, "hard" real-time tasks can also be handled under Linux. ELinOS V2.2 is available with numerous new functionalities: PowerPC support, Linux Kernel V2.4.18, USB, etc.

A cross-platform solution for the use of Linux with real-time components is offered by ELTEC for the PowerPC family. A corresponding implementation is available both on the VMEbus (BAB 740 and 760) and on PCI basis (BAB 912). Frame grabber cards and various I/O cards are supported for the connection of industrial processes. A PC-based development computer is also offered with a comprehensive software package for optimal support of industrial real-time development. The package includes support services that enable the efficient use of free software thanks to the expertise of an experienced partner. Essential for this is the professional support in the area of version generation and maintenance of defined statuses.

Linux support is now also available for the ELTEC frame grabbers, which could already be used with various real-time systems in addition to Windows. All current frame grabbers of the p3i line can be used under Linux, which includes the possibility to connect various cameras. In addition to the actual driver, the scope of the Linux software includes options for configuring the cameras, displaying live and other images and memory management for efficient access to the image data. MVTec's image processing library HALCON is now also available under Linux for the p3i frame grabber line for analogue cameras. Those who need to get their own applications up and running quickly can use complete, ready-configured computers from the CyBox line.

In addition, complete Linux support is also available for the intelligent camera miniHiPerCam. This means that applications such as completeness checks in quality control or motion detection in the security sector can now also be developed under Linux - in addition to Windows CE 3.0. To make optimal use of resources, ELinOS is used in the miniHiPerCam: Operation via standard web browser - enabled by the integrated web server.


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