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FreeToolbox now available for ELinOS 4.0

The free downloadable FreeToolbox is now available for ELinOS 4.0.

The ELinOS FreeToolbox is a collection of tools for creating an embedded system's software and its applications. It provides a cross toolchain for C and C++ and several target binaries.

The ELinOS FreeToolbox is available for the CPU architectures ARM (XScale), PPC4xx, PPC-e500, PPC60x, PPC8xx and x86. The ELinOS DevelopmentKit provides better support for specific boards using support packages (BSP) and provides graphical tools to ease development.

Additionally a prepared kernel 2.4 or kernel 2.6 can be used for each project. The ELinOS kernels have been patched to provide an easier and optimized support for embedded targets and the ELinOS Toolchain.

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