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Industrial-Grade Linux ELinOS 7 now with Docker Support

SYSGO has introduced version 7.0 of its Linux distribution ELinOS, which is optimized for embedded applications. The new version is based on the Linux kernel 4.19 with long-term support and real-time extensions and now natively supports 64-bit development systems under Windows and Linux. In addition, the integration of ELinOS as a guest in SYSGO's hypervisor-based real-time operating system PikeOS was significantly simplified by the support of PikeOS' custom pools. With an easy-to-use Docker feature, developers can now also integrate any number of Docker images, which are available for download in large numbers on the net. This allows developers to quickly and easily provide a variety of additional services for the target.

Updated Development Environment

The graphical development environment CODEO has been updated and is now also available in version 7.0. It is based on Eclipse and supports C/C++. ELinOS 7.0 is compatible with the recently introduced PikeOS 5.0 and can run there directly as a guest operating system. With the kernel, the toolchain was also updated - to gcc v8.3 and binutils v2.31. The standard library glibc is now available in version 2.28; the no longer developed eglibc is no longer supported by ELinOS since version 6.2.

The hardware support of ELinOS was also extended in version 7.0. In addition to Board Support Packages (BSP) for all relevant hardware platforms based on x86, x86-64, PPC e500, e500mc and e5500 as well as ARM v7hf and v8 (64bit), RasperryPI 3B+ 64 bit targets are now also supported. In addition, there is now a BSP for the popular evaluation and development platform i.MX8 QXP MEK from Freescale/NXP.

Other new features in ELinOS 7.0 are the switch to Python 3 and the support of PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) in all login and password tools.

In addition to the use of LTS (Long Term Supported) Linux kernel releases, SYSGO also supports long-lived embedded applications through ELinOS Security Services, through which customers receive regular reports on newly discovered security vulnerabilities and these can be closed preferentially. SYSGO's License Manifest also allows project developers to automatically create a list of all packages and open source licenses used in their project.

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