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Karamba Security and SYSGO enter Partnership for Embedded Cyber Security

Karamba Security, a world-leading provider of embedded cyber security for connected systems, and SYSGO, the European leader of real time operating systems for safe and secure embedded applications, have entered into a partnership to enhance embedded security within connected vehicles.

Karamba and SYSGO are investing in a state-of-the-art security layer to enhance the resilience of next generation car architecture, leveraging Karamba’s award winning Host IDPS, runtime software integrity for connected ECUs. Implementing Control Flow Integrity (CFI) automatically into the ECU software image increases the ECU resiliency to cyber attacks. Being self-protected, the ECU detects and prevents malicious attempts to manipulate the ECU functionality. Karamba's technology will be tightly integrated with SYSGO's hypervisor-based real-time operating system PikeOS, the only RTOS/hypervisor with EAL 3+ certification.

“This partnership with one of the world’s most innovative and certification experienced providers in the embedded technology is a win-win partnership for Karamba and SYSGO, said” Karamba Security’s co-founder and CEO Ami Dotan. “We expect our collaboration on Host IDPS to improve both Karamba and SYSGO’s status as leaders in embedded systems solutions for the rapidly-evolving connected car market.”

SYSGO’s VP of Marketing and Alliances Franz Walkembach said: “Embedded security within the software image is of utmost importance, especially as our connected world expands more and more into our daily lives. We are glad to work with Karamba Security as one of the industry’s leaders in embedded security on our end-to-end security solutions.”

SYSGO and Karamba will both be present at the ESCAR Europe Automotive Cyber Security Conference in Stuttgart, Germany on November 19-20.

About Karamba Security

Karamba Security provides industry-leading embedded cybersecurity solutions for connected systems. Product manufacturers in automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT, and enterprise edge rely on Karamba’s automated runtime integrity software to self-protect their products against Remote Code Execution (RCE) cyberattacks with negligible performance impact.

After 49 successful engagements with 17 automotive OEMs and tier 1s, product providers trust Karamba’s award- winning solutions to increase their brand competitiveness and protect their customers against cyberthreats.

More information is available at and follow us on Twitter at: @KarambaSecurity

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