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Kontron's Computer-On-Modules integrated into ELinOS 3.0 Support Package

Embedded Linux professionals and beginners can now benefit from ELinOS's software support for Kontron's embedded modules ETX and X-board. With just a few clicks, an application-specific Linux system for Kontron's modules can be put together without the developer having to have precise knowledge of the internal interrelationships of the target systems. This saves expert knowledge plus a lot of time. Support is currently offered for the modules ETX-P3M, ETX-VE, ETX-MGX as well as X-board.

Assemble Linux kernels for ETX and X-board with a few clicks

"Best time-to-market and a wide range of products from a single source are the key factors for successful OEM products in the long-term. For this reason, the modules of market leader Kontron cannot be missing from the ELinOS board support. With further expansion of support to all relevant modules and boards from Kontron, we will be able to significantly strengthen our presence in the embedded world". Says Walter Großgarten, Partner Manager at SYSGO.

"ELinOS board support is extremely convenient and saves a lot of time. We are also pleased that the topic of board support packages with ELinOS is becoming a task that is shouldered by both the board and operating system supplier. This ultimately strengthens the quality of the overall solution and customers do not have to deal with which part of the overall solution is lacking in case of doubt," adds Zeljko Loncaric, Product Marketing for the ETX, ETXexpress, X-board and DIMM-PC computer-on-modules at Kontron.

Working with ELinOS

The developer selects the desired board in ELinOS's graphical configuration tool ELK. This means that the basic configuration of the respective board is already correctly defined, the required files are located in directories provided for this purpose, and at the end the user still determines which features he wants to include in the configuration (network, additional peripherals, file system, etc.). ELinOS then checks the consistency of the entries and automatically creates a Linux kernel adapted to the selected target. Afterwards, the application-specific optimised kernel plus operating system as well as the application software can be installed and tested, which has been developed in the development environment CODEO integrated in ELinOS. The evaluation is particularly convenient with the graphical system browser COGNITO for analysing system behaviour: All system information can be accessed, recorded and visualised here. Non-optimal or error-prone procedures can thus be identified at a glance.

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Computer-on-Module standards from Kontron

No other company in the embedded world has made more Computer-On-Modules (COM) into de-facto standards in recent years than Kontron AG. Still as JUMPtec, the company launched the first module standard DIMM-PC, followed shortly afterwards by ETX. Both standards are now recognised worldwide and are supported by many companies. The latest module standards are X-board and ETXexpress. Both standards show impressively that the market leader is also the technology leader, because the rest of the embedded world is following suit and is gradually announcing its own modules. The flagship ETXexpress, for example, is also supported by Intel, Radisys, Adlink and, most recently, Advantech. This means that most global players in the COM market are in agreement and the user benefits from the competition.

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