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New COQOS release Benefits from Avionics certified Microkernel

OpenSynergy's automotive software framework COQOS allows OEMs and Tier-1s to integrate Linux-based applications and AUTOSAR on a single ECU. COQOS takes advantage of the power and flexibility of standards-based open source solutions, satisfies the tough automotive requirements such as high reliability and fast-boot, and enables a safe firewall between infotainment and automotive applications. The newest release of COQOS (release 10.12) now relies on the micro-kernel of SYSGO's PikeOS. This micro-kernel has been designed for safety and security-critical applications and has already been certified according to stringent avionics standards such as DO-178B.

This new version of COQOS can be applied in automotive ECUs with increased requirements on safety and security. The existing certifications of the underlying microkernel PikeOS from SYSGO will facilitate compliance to automotive safety and security standards.

For infotainment applications, COQOS now supports Android 2.1 in addition to several other Linux distributions. On the automotive side, COQOS comes with an AUTOSAR 3.1 run-time environment and tooling. COQOS release 10.12 has added support for the Freescale i.mx51 and i.mx53 application processors, which are based on an ARM Cortex A8 core. Especially the i.mx53 application processor, which integrates a CAN controller, is well suited for a COQOS-based single-chip solution. Using COQOS an AUTOSAR CAN-Stack can run together with an Android infotainment system. Although both run on the same processor, they are well separated: On booting, the AUTOSAR functionality is available very quickly and keeps running reliably and independently from the Android world.

As recently as September 2010 the two companies OpenSynergy and SYSGO had started their cooperation. OpenSynergy’s General Manager Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut indicates that this cooperation has led to first results within a very short period of time: "This very fast joint product release has shown that both companies have complementary technology and that the development teams work together very effectively". As Michael Tiedemann, Chief Executive Officer at SYSGO, said: “Through our cooperation with OpenSynergy, the automotive industry has now access to our technology and can benefit from its proven track-record in avionics.”

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OpenSynergy develops and markets software products for the automotive industry. Our main product COQOS makes it possible to integrate consumer electronics technology (based on Linux or Android) safely and securely into an AUTOSAR-compatible car environment. Because of the modular approach of COQOS, it can be employed in head units, instrument clusters and for connectivity or driver assistance systems. In addition, OpenSynergy offers consulting and engineering services for software development and software architecture in the sectors of infotainment, connectivity and AUTOSAR.

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