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New Version of the PikeOS Operating System Platform

SYSGO today introduced version 1.3 of the PikeOS operating system platform. On the basis of PikeOS, operating system APIs such as Linux, POSIX, OSEK, Ada, (Real-Time) Java and ITRON are available, which can be operated together and protected against each other on one CPU. PikeOS is available for PowerPC, x86, ARM and MIPS architectures and can be easily adapted to other hardware platforms due to its modular design. PikeOS v3.1 is available now.

Since the release of PikeOS in spring 2005, the new operating system platform has received a lot of attention and has already been designed into several projects in the automotive industry, consumer electronics and avionics.

"The rapid success shows us that we are investing in the right direction with PikeOS," explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO AG. "Many companies are currently looking for solutions that enable the use of Linux in combination with real-time and safety-critical systems - here we are ideally positioned with PikeOS and our well-known Linux expertise."

The advantages of PikeOS lie in the secure separation of software packages on a CPU. This allows it to be used as an integration platform for software from multiple suppliers, as a platform for saving additional hardware modules and as a migration platform for combining Linux with real-time and safety-critical systems.

About PikeOS

PikeOS is a partitionable operating system platform that allows the use of multiple operating systems simultaneously and protected against each other on one CPU. The basis of PikeOS is a powerful real-time operating system based on state-of-the-art microkernel technology. The overlying system software provides several separate software partitions. These partitions can hold entire operating systems such as Linux, POSIX and OSEK etc. or contain application programs.

PikeOS was developed according to the most modern security standards and is particularly suitable for formal certifications according to security-critical standards due to the small number of lines of code. CODEO is the development environment for PikeOS and is based on Eclipse. CODEO includes plug-ins for the configuration and analysis of the overall system and convenient application development.

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