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PikeOS RTOS & Hypervisor

PikeOS 4.1 officially released

SYSGO has launched a new version of its microkernel based hypervisor known as PikeOS, which enables development and deployment of critical and non-critical applications on a single hardware platform. PikeOS 4.1 forms an integrated platform for the development of new or the migration of existing and legacy applications. PikeOS 4.1 provides proven technology suitable for Aerospace, Defence, Space, Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Railway Industry, where safety is a key requirement.

  • ARINC 653 Part 1 supplement 4, SMP Compliant
  • Critical and non-critical applications on one platform
  • Modularisation for enhanced certification
  • Significantly simpler development of applications and drivers
  • Support for ARM cortex A9, A15, A53, A57, A72
  • Support for ARMv8

The PikeOS hypervisor based microkernel runs on a wide range of hardware architectures, providing defined partitions with a variety of personalities, implementing time and spatial partitioning. PikeOS hypervisor based technology allows standard Real Time Operating System (RTOS) communications mechanisms inside and between partitions including shared memory, communication ports, semaphores, etc. These mechanisms are defined at design time by the system designers allowing secure point to point communications, memory and device access, which is statically allocated across partitions at PikeOS start-up.

This increases not only security but also the stability of the individual applications, which can no longer influence one another. For example ensuring that a cyber attack on an infotainment system in a car will not affect any driver safety-critical functions.

PikeOS Hypervisor supports a variety of partition personalities including ARINC 653, RTEMS, AUTOSAR, POSIX®, as well as Linux and other guest operating systems.

SYSGO’s new version of PikeOS has made significant contribution to simplifying the configuration of projects and the development of applications.  Projects in PikeOS 4.1 are configured predominantly graphically with an eclipse based IDE known as CODEO, rather than via XML files.  Integrated consistency checks reduces error rates during application development and integration of project run-times. Driver development is simplified by the integration of new driver classes. New tools help the application developer to optimise the CPU load and storage utilisation.

PikeOS now provides full 64 bit support for ARM v8 architecture. Additionally, PikeOS also provides support for ARM Cortex A9, A15, A53, A57, A72 on a range of SOC (System on Chip) hardware platforms.

Accelerated Certification

PikeOS Hypervisor technology allows strict separation to allow certifiable systems critical and non-critical applications. PikeOS Hypervisor is proven certified technology achieving certification through EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) on a number of aircraft platforms. PikeOS Hypervisor microkernel and system software have been developed to achieve the highest levels of safety with very low SLOC ( Source Lines Of Code ) counts, to reduce certification costs. The strict separation of the hardware and software environments in the individual partitions means that they may be certified independently of one another, depending on the system design. Therefore a retrospective change to the application might not require re-certification of the entire system.   

Key PikeOS Facts

  • PikeOS is not affected by ITAR export restrictions. This is a key factor for any military system that may use ITAR restricted technology, which may compromise export to specific regions of the globe.
  • PikeOS source code is available for certification purposes.
  • PikeOS is one full product that meets all certification standards, including the highest standard, which is DO-178. PikeOS supports ARINC 653 and DO-178, as well as other guest OS and personalities in one product.
  • PikeOS is portable across X86, PPC, ARM, LEON/SPARC and MIPS. This may be key if the target architecture may change in the future.

Support - Our Commitment to you!

SYSGO supports PikeOS users throughout the entire life cycle of a project and beyond. This includes a comprehensive range of professional services in the planning and development phase, support for application and system certification and technical support. Some product versions can be supported for 25 year, and more, in line with the long life spans of embedded systems.

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