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PikeOS: More than one Operating System

At the Embedded World SYSGO introduces a brand new product. PikeOS is a micro kernel, which allows to use different operating systems on one hardware at the same time, but protected against each other.

In this way Linux applications can even run beside safety-critical realtime-applications on the same system.

Today PikeOS does already support APIs like Linux, POSIX and OSEK. Due to its open architecture further APIs can easily be integrated. Applications developed on OSEK or POSIX standard can be combined with Linux in an easy way and thus ensure safety and security of investment for existing and future software packages.

By partition management hardware resources will be distributed in a way, that allows applications to run in their own partitions, without effecting each other. The data exchange is running in secure communication channels. Therefor the distribution of software with different criticalities on various partitions allows e. g. the isolation of software packages of third parties or even the formally certification of safety critical parts of the total system.

PikeOS can separate safety-critical realtime-controls from non-critical parts of the software like visualizing or handling and nevertheless run on one system. Linux can be integrated in safety critical systems with it’s functionalities and thus software expenses can be reduced.

With its new technology PikeOS offers the long time expected European alternative for the established operating systems.

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PikeOS for MPU

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