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PikeOS selected for Traffic Control System

SYSGO, the global supplier of highly reliable device software, today announce that German traffic technology and solution specialist Signalbau Huber, will use PikeOS as future application platform for their traffic control systems. PikeOS will be the foundation for the urban traffic control and management systems built by Signalbau Huber. Using PikeOS, the number of boards used in the traffic control system could be reduced significantly which lead to an increase of the stability and availability of the whole system without losing any functionality.

“PikeOS gave us the freedom to move ahead with our legacy software while concurrently base our new developments on open standards like POSIX, Linux and Java”, said M. Rosskopf, Head of Development at Signalbau Huber. ”Reaching this level of innovation in our product development gives us the freedom to offer various functionalities while maximize stability and availability of the whole system”.

PikeOS will be used in the new generation of ACTROS, Signalbau Huber’s series of urban traffic controllers. This new ACTROS generation will be available starting summer 2008. ACTROS is made to control highly complex traffic situations, embedded in centralized traffic control networks. Therefore ACTROS includes an OCIT (‘Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems’) interface.

Using the partitioning technology of PikeOS, Signalbau Huber was able to consolidate several boards on one new hardware platform, without any compromise regarding the separation of applications with different criticality. On top of that, the PikeOS virtualization technology enabled Signalbau Huber to reuse their various legacy applications and therefore minimizing the porting and migration efforts. All new developments at Signalbau Huber will be based on open standards like POSIX, Linux or Java which are all supported by PikeOS.

“For our highly innovative product developments and customization efforts, here at Signalbau Huber, we need a flexible and safe foundation. That’s why we choose PikeOS”, confirms J. Lock, ACTROS software architect. “The whole team also uses CODEO, the SYSGO integrated development environment. So we only have one development environment for POSIX, Linux and Java applications as well as driver developments.”

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About Signalbau Huber

Signalbau Huber is a worldwide successful supplier of traffic technology systems and solutions. For more than 50 years, the company based in Munich, Germany, has been operating in development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

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