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SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright to show Safety-Critical Avionics Platform at Aviation Electronics Europe

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At the Aviation Electronics Europe event, SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions will demonstrate a joint platform for avionics systems that combines SYSGO’s DO-178B/C certified hypervisor PikeOS with Curtiss-Wright's VPX3-1701 Freescale™ LS1020A dual ARM® Cortex-A7 processor-based single board computer (SBC). The demo will feature CoreAVI® safety-critical OpenGL® ES/SC graphics drivers running on Curtiss-Wright's XMC-715 E4690 GPU-based graphics module. At SYSGO’s booth (#19), visitors can learn about the new safety-tested platform.

Demonstration of the Joint Platform 

Curtiss-Wright’s VPX3-1701 is the embedded defense and aerospace industry’s first 3U VPX COTS SBC to combine the excellent compute performance and low power advantages of the ARM architecture. This small form factor board features a QorIQ™ Layerscape LS1020A processor operating at 1.0 GHz with highly integrated dual ARM Cortex-A7 processors. Designed for low-power operation, the SBC is rated at less than 15W maximum power dissipation. 

The VPX3-1701 hosts an XMC-715, Curtiss-Wright’s high performance graphics controller XMC module. The XMC-715 supports dual independent graphics outputs with a low level of complexity, resulting in a high level of reliability and provides the improved thermal interfaces required to operate AMD’s E4690 GPU.

The demonstration will showcase an integrated solution for avionics displays that supports and eases the design of HMI applications and the generation of certifiable code. It also provides seamless integration with the PikeOS RTOS and the OpenGL drivers. The joint SYSGO/Curtiss-Wright solution supports the latest generation of GPUs, while providing options for DO-178C and ED-12C certification kits (up to Design Assurance Level A) for safety critical environments, including all certification evidence required for regulatory approval.

"Thanks to our direct communication and close cooperation with SYSGO, we were able to rapidly integrate our joint safety-critical avionics demo system,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “By combining SYSGO’s PikeOS and Curtiss-Wright’s SBC and graphics module solutions, avionics manufacturers get a certifiable platform that provides both safety and security. Even better, the combined solution eases the safety certification process and accelerates time-to-market”.


About PikeOS Hypervisor

PikeOS is a hypervisor intended for embedded systems with safety and security requirements. It is certified to the highest standards, such as DO-178B or IEC 61508. With real-time virtualization and partitioning, PikeOS provides all the features needed to build today’s multi-functional and highly-integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture creates a foundation for critical systems, enabling official approval by avionics authorities for safety and security standards. Note that in addition to supporting security standard Common Criteria EAL 5/6 evaluation, PikeOS is also the first RTOS/hypervisor SIL 4 certified on a multi-core processor.

“SYSGO’s PikeOS has been targeting safety-critical applications since its commercialization in 2005,” said Norbert Kuhrt, VP Sales at SYSGO. “Working together with leading suppliers in this area, such as Curtiss-Wright and CoreAVI, results from our commitment to bring to the market an integrated certified solution that combines both innovation and field-proven technologies.” 

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