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SYSGO awarded Contract to certify Multi-Core Platform at highest Level of Safety

SYSGO, a leading supplier of software solutions for the world’s most demanding safety and security embedded applications, announces it has been awarded a project to certify its PikeOS operating system and hypervisor within a multi-core platform at the highest level defined by the international safety standard required by the project.

“SYSGO has long been Europe’s leading RTOS supplier to the safety critical market and this contract solidifies our position of innovative but yet field-proven solutions” said Michael Tiedemann, CEO at SYSGO.

Traditionally, safety critical systems deployed on a multi-core processor have only employed a single core whilst the other cores remain dormant. This is mainly due to the issues arising from multiple cores and the indeterminate nature of such architectures. Operating system vendors have long been trying to solve this problem in order that their customers may harness the performance of today’s dual-core and multi-core processors. 

“Here at SYSGO we have been working with certification agencies and key customers to implement a technology shift within PikeOS to become the first worldwide operating system vendor to achieve safety and security certification on a multi-core platform. Today’s announcement is testimony to that hard work and is a key milestone for the company”, said Stuart Fisher, Technical Marketing Director at SYSGO.

Today’s announcement opens up a whole new market for modern software design in areas of avionics and railway where there is a drive to run safety critical software on top of the latest multi-core processors. PikeOS was designed from the ground up to be a safe and secure operating system and the latest enhancements to the product will cement its standing as the operating system of choice for next generation Rail systems and IMA avionics solutions.

Customer and project will be disclosed as soon as the certification has been achieved.

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