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SYSGO collaborates with RECOMP to define European Standard for Safety-Critical Systems

SYSGO, a leading supplier of certifiable operating systems, announces the start of the groundbreaking RECOMP project. This innovative project aims to redefine safety-critical and mixed-criticality systems certification across key industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial control systems. By providing cutting-edge reference designs, platform architectures, and design methods, RECOMP will pave the way for cost-effective (re-)certification of component-based, multi-core systems.

The RECOMP project, standing for "REduced Certification COsts Using Trusted Multi-core Platforms", is a research project aimed at establishing methods, tools, and platforms to enable cost-efficient certification and re-certification of safety-critical and mixed-criticality systems and components. The project recognizes that the increasing processing power of embedded systems is primarily provided by increasing the number of processing cores. This is commonly regarded as a design challenge in the safety-critical area, as there are no established approaches to achieve certification.

At the same time, there is an increased need for flexibility in the products in the safety-critical market. This need for flexibility puts new requirements on the customization and the upgradability of both the non-safety and safety-critical parts. One of the challenges faced is the large cost in both effort and money of the re-certification of the modified software, which means that companies cannot fully leverage the advantages of modular software systems.

RECOMP aims to provide reference designs and platform architectures along with the required design methods and tools for achieving cost-effective certification and re-certification of mixed-criticality, component-based, multi-core systems. The goal of RECOMP is to define a European standard reference technology for mixed-criticality multi-core systems supported by the European tool vendors participating in RECOMP.

SYSGO’s role within the project is to provide the PikeOS operating system and map its DO-178 process to IEC 61508. Multi-core extensions to PikeOS will be designed and implemented to suit the needs of the partners. SYSGO targets at cooperating with EADS, TÜV Süd, Elektrobit, PSA, TRT and seeks a close cooperation with the partners providing the demonstrators for the different vertical markets (e.g. Danfoss, FCC, Integrasys, KONE, Metso, and SevenSolutions).

Previous experience that is relevant to the tasks attributed to the project is as follows. In 1998, SYSGO began to develop its own operating system approach which was conceptually based on the L4 microkernel as introduced by Liedtke et al. This system has gradually evolved over several years of its practical application to the real-time embedded domain. The result of this evolution is the PikeOS microkernel, which today is part of SYSGO’s product portfolio. In addition, the company has significant experience in the certification of operating system software for use in highly safety-critical systems, especially in avionics. It has successfully completed a number of projects to certify operating system software for use in aircraft according to standard DO-178B, Level A.

As a partner of RECOMP, SYSGO organized a safety certification workshop and trained the participants in the essential aspects of DO-178B. 

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RECOMP is a three-year European project that started on April 1st, 2010 and was funded from ARTEMIS JOINT UNDERTAKING.

The aim of the project is to establish methods, tools and platforms for enabling cost-efficient (re-) certification of safety-critical and mixed-criticality systems. Applications addressed are automotive, aerospace, industrial control systems, and lifts and transportation systems. The project will provide reference designs and platform architectures, together with the required design methods and tools, for achieving cost-effective certification and re-certification of mixed-criticality, component based, multicore systems. Thus RECOMP wants to define a European standard reference technology, supported by the European tool vendors participating in RECOMP.

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