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SYSGO establishes new US Office in Response to increasing Demand for safe and secure Virtualization

SYSGO, leading supplier of software solutions for the world’s most demanding safety and security applications, announced today the opening of a new office in Chicago, IL. This office strengthens SYSGO’s presence in North America and will provide direct support to its expanding customer base in the Americas.

SYSGO has confirmed its growing presence within the global embedded and real-time market by opening a new office in Chicago, IL. Established and led by Jim Bannon, a sales professional with over two decades of involvement in the most demanding technical markets, this new entity will provide direct and comprehensive support to PikeOS and ELinOS customers in the North American territory.

“Our target markets require global suppliers who not only have a good knowledge of customer project constraints, but also the ability to react fast and support them accordingly”, said Michael Tiedemann, CEO of SYSGO. “To sustain our fast growth while keeping focus on our customer’s requirements, we are strengthening our market coverage by establishing a new US office. A respected professional of Jim Bannon’s caliber joining our team delivers a clear message to our customers that we have their critical needs and interests as our top priority. Jim’s leadership in our North American operations ensures that our legendary world-class service and attention to detail will be well represented on a global scale in lock-step with our vigorous growth”.

North America represents 60% of SYSGO’s global primary target market segments. Aerospace, defense, industrial automation, medical, and automotive are the industry sectors where SYSGO has made its most important successes, first as an Embedded Linux solution pioneer with the industry-leading ELinOS product, and then with its revolutionary and award-winning product PikeOS featuring groundbreaking Safe and Secure Virtualization (SSV) technology. SSV allows developers to harness existing proven software assets while taking advantage of new hardware platforms, and permitting the coexistence of multiple independent levels of safety and security certification on a single physical hardware platform.

“When I discovered the set of innovative products SYSGO has in its portfolio, in particular their certified SSV solution PikeOS, I immediately realized that this offering was quite unique on the market”, declares Jim Bannon, Director of Sales North America at SYSGO. “I understand the kind of demanding requirements coming from customers I have known for years, and SYSGO’s products fit perfectly with them. The fact that a product like PikeOS can address both safety-critical and security-critical requirements with a unified core technology while providing full virtualization capabilities has no equivalent on the market. No other product can do all that while simultaneously satisfying rigorous performance and hard real-time constraints.”

The opening of a new US office is the natural consequence of SYSGO’s extremely successful 2008 fiscal year, culminating in a 40% growth in total revenue despite the worldwide economic downturn. Among many key wins, PikeOS has been chosen by industry leader Airbus as its avionics reference platform for the A350 aircraft, by Rheinmetall Defense Electronics for the A400M project, and ESA (European Space Agency) for the future space applications study. SYSGO is currently expanding its manpower by 20% by hiring new staff in all of its offices worldwide.

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