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SYSGO focuses on Linux

SYSGO Real-Time Systems is stepping up its Linux activities. In the second half of the year, SYSGO plans to release its own Linux distribution for embedded systems.

SYSGO has already gained experience in the Linux field with services in the past. However, this has predominantly involved software running on a development system, e.g. a Windows application prototyped on Linux. 

"A number of our customers are already developing with Linux. But when it comes to using software in the machine or device, many still shy away from Linux - but this attitude is starting to change," says SYSGO spokesperson Susanne Kämpgen. With the development of an embedded Linix distribution, SYSGO wants to strengthen this trend and establish itself as a competent Linux service provider.

SYSGO is the German distributor for Lynx real-time systems and offers consulting and development services for the real-time operating system LynxOS with its 20 employees. SYSGO's plans to build up more of its own business are also linked to Lynx's plans to open its own office in Germany. However, the partnership between SYSGO and Lynx is to remain in place. At the very least, however, a separate Lynx office would draw a considerable proportion of new customers away from SYSGO.

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SYSGO setzt auf Linux

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