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SYSGO launches Industrial Grade Linux on the Market

System software specialist SYSGO introduces ELinOS v4.1, the first Industrial Grade Linux solution. Support for interfaces and protocols such as CAN, CANOpen, VME, IPv4/IPv6, EtherCAT, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, etc., is particularly important for automation.

With ELinOS v4.1 SYSGO presents the first Industrial Grade Linux solution. ELinOS v4.1 meets today's requirements for an Industrial Grade Linux solution for embedded devices. Proven technologies, support for all industrial hardware platforms and selected industrial software components, enhanced by verifiable quality assurance processes, form the basis for ensuring development to the highest standard.

"ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux is the next milestone in our ELinOS product family. Together with ELinOS RealTime, which will be available from September, we serve the entire embedded sector with Linux solutions," explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO AG.

With the ELinOS v4.1 Industrial Grade Linux version, SYSGO's application development tools CODEO and COGNITO will be integrated into the standard ELinOS package. With CODEO, SYSGO offers an integrated development environment in which the analysis tool COGNTIO is included. This enables all ELinOS users to analyse the timing behaviour of their embedded Linux applications and to examine the resources of their Linux device in detail. Thus the memory requirements, the IRQ behaviour, the process tree, available sockets and much more can be displayed. The user of ELinOS v4.1 is thus provided with a rich tool for the development of embedded applications, which is adapted to the special needs of this task.

ELinOS v4.1 Industrial Grade Linux supports the Linux kernels 2.6.15 and 2.4.31. Both kernel versions have been tested and validated on all supported platforms. For the automation industry, the support of additional interfaces/protocols such as CAN, CANOpen, VME, IPv4/IPv6, EtherCAT, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi etc. will be of particular interest. With Xenomai, the latest Linux real-time extension from the open-source community has been integrated. Furthermore, ELinOS v4.1 customers can easily upgrade to ELinOS Real-Time, SYSGO's own POSIX-compatible real-time extension for the use of Linux in safety-critical systems. New BSPs (e.g. Freescale Lite5200B, MEN PowerQuicc III boards EM3 and EM8, AMD LX 800, Digital-Logic MSM800SEV and MPCV800, Motorola MVME 3100, AMCC 405 Taihu, Atmel AT91RM9200, Teco Tempo 02 and MP-10, MP-11, MP-12 modules) and the new BSPs for virtualisation engines such as PikeOS (X86, PPC, MIPS), QEMU (x86, PPC, ARM) and VMware (X86) round off the range.

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