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SYSGO offers Adobe Flash Lite for embedded Linux

ELinOS, the embedded Linux development environment from SYSGO, now supports Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.

SYSGO has been a pioneer in embedded Linux for more than 10 years and the ELinOS development environment, available since 1999, is used in many market segments. SYSGO's reliable and secure solutions are recognised and used by major manufacturers in industrial automation and consumer electronics. In order to better support innovative applications in these areas, SYSGO offers support for Adobe Flash Lite, so that the extensive possibilities of Flash can now also be used for embedded systems.

Adobe Flash Lite is a powerful runtime environment for graphical applications in mobile devices and consumer electronics. Flash Lite has shipped in more than 800 million devices worldwide and has proven to be ideally suited for use in resource-constrained embedded systems.

"All our Linux customers need to simultaneously ensure that their applications offer the robustness and reliability of industrial products," explains Ralf Spachmann, embedded Linux expert at SYSGO. "The diversity of Flash Lite and the reliability of ELinOS are an ideal combination for us and our customers."

"Producing sophisticated videos and interfaces on Linux typically ties up extensive development resources," explains Anup Murarka, Director Technical Marketing, Mobile and Devices at Adobe. "By combining Flash and ELinOS, SYSGO offers customers an easy and fast way to develop engaging interfaces and applications while drawing from a wider range of services and developers."

About ELinOS

ELinOS is a Linux-based development environment for smart devices. Unlike other traditional Linux platforms, ELinOS was developed specifically for use in industrial applications. SYSGO has been using Linux in industrial environments for more than 15 years. The long experience is the basis for first-class support.

The current version ELinOS 4.2 is based on Linux Kernel 2.6.22, is tested and validated for all supported platforms and includes comprehensive security patches. Kernel 2.6.22 offers further improvements in TCP, UDP-Lite, IPv6 and SMP support. Compliant with CAN, CANOpen, VME, IPv4/IPv6, EtherCAT, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and many other protocol stacks.

ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux specifically meets the requirements of industrial automation. Standards such as AFDX, ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 are available for avionics, and Xenomai is available for applications with real-time requirements. The selection of Board Support Packages (BSP) includes all boards successful in automation and BSPs for virtual machines such as QEMU (x86, PPC, ARM), VMware (x86) and for SYSGO's flagship product PikeOS (x86, PPC, MIPS).


ELinOS 4.2 is available immediately. With x86, PowerPC, ARM, SH and MIPS, five processor families are supported on Linux and Windows Host. Support for Adobe Flash Lite is now available.

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