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ELinOS Embedded Linux

SYSGO is presenting at electronica with a focus on Embedded Linux and LynxOS.

In hall A3, booth 221, the measurement system for automotive IMERVA and the embedded Linux development environment ELinOS will be presented, among others.

At this autumn's most important trade fair, SYSGO will present its new product IMERVA. IMERVA stands for "Integrated Measurement Environment for Real-Time Vehicle Applications". The new system was developed together with DaimlerChrysler and facilitates the measurement procedures of the entire vehicle electronics throughout the complete product development cycle. Divided into a real-time measurement computer under LynxOS and a second operating computer, all desired measurement applications can be configured and graphically displayed on the user interface. IMERVA processes all common measurement protocols and is expandable for new protocols.

The second focus of the fair presence is ELinOS, the popular European development environment for embedded applications under Linux. SYSGO will present the new MultimediaCenter MC5400 from Siemens VDO as an example of the applications developed with ELinOS. The MC5400 combines navigation, information, communication and entertainment in the car - and all this under Linux. SYSGO is consistently pursuing the further development of Linux for embedded systems. With ELinOS, SYSGO offers a development environment for embedded Linux that facilitates the development of applications with low memory requirements and enables the use of Linux on minimal systems. ELinOS is available for X86, PPC, ARM, MIPS and SH3.

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For complex applications in the safety-critical area, SYSGO relies on LynxOS. LynxOS is a commercial UNIX derivative with its own real-time kernel, which is compatible with Linux at source code level. Therefore, the worlds of UNIX and Linux are open to the user when using LynxOS.

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