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SYSGO receives US Patent


SYSGO's "Method for distributing computing time in a computer system" is now patented in the US. This method is the basis of SYSGO's Safe & Secure Virtualization RTOS PikeOS that was built from scratch to meet safety and security requirements at the highest level.


The invention relates to a method for distributing computing time in a computer system on which run a number of partial processes or threads to which an assignment process or scheduler assigns computing time as required, priorities being associated with individual threads and the assignment of computing time being carried out according to the respective priorities. According to said method, the individual threads are respectively associated with a number of time priority levels. A first time priority level contains threads to which computing time is assigned as required at any time. A first scheduler respectively allocates a time slice to the individual time priority levels, and respectively activates one of the time priority levels for the duration of the time slice thereof. A second scheduler monitors the threads of the first time priority level and the threads of the respectively activated time priority level, and assigns computing time to said threads according to the priorities thereof.


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