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SYSGO releases ELinOS 4.2 Industrial Grade Linux

SYSGO, leading provider of software solutions for safety-critical applications, today announces the release of ELinOS 4.2, its embedded Linux development environment for industrial applications.

On the market since 1998, ELinOS is the first industrial embedded Linux solution. SYSGO initially supported early Linux users in their industrial automation projects, gaining valuable experience that was incorporated into the product. Making work easier and ensuring the industrial quality of the applications were the key factors that led to the use of ELinOS in other sectors such as aerospace, defence, transport and medical technology.

"Linux is seen by an increasing number of engineers as an equal option for embedded application development, especially since ELinOS v2.6," says Jacques Brygier, VP of Marketing. "Flexibility and the wide variety of functionalities, APIs and drivers has contributed to this success. However, when using Linux, many pitfalls and difficulties remain for the beginner, amateur or simply for the user who does not have time to evaluate new components. ELinOS v4.2 is the latest version of the embedded Linux environment that solves this problem and provides the user with the latest technology."

ELinOS 4.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • Integration of the Linux kernel 2.6.22, which since version 2.6.20 includes improvements in support for virtualisation, SMP or POSIX, which is especially needed for embedded systems, support for the x86-64 kernel and an improved determinism.
  • Enhancements to CODEO, the Eclipse-based development environment, providing features such as guided configuration, remote debugging (often down to hardware instruction level), target platform monitoring, remote application deployment, timing analysis in addition to standard components such as compiler and assembler
  • Support for Xenomai 2.4.x for x86, PowerPC and ARM platforms
  • Support for GTK 2.10.x for graphical application development

ELinOS 4.2 Industrial Grade Linux contains kernel 2.6.22, is tested and validated for the supported platforms and includes all important security patches. Kernel 2.6.22 brings many improvements in TCP, UDP-Lite, IPv6 and SMP support.

Especially for developers from the industrial automation sector, ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux offers solutions to use CAN, CANOpen, VME, IPv4/IPv6, EtherCAT, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and much more. For example, avionics users benefit from the implementation of standards such as AFDX, ARINC 429 or MIL-STD-1553. The Linux extension Xenomai is available for more demanding real-time tasks.

Many Board Support Packages (BSPs) for the most successful hardware platforms are available as well as BSPs for the virtualisation engines QEMU (x86, PPC, ARM) and VMware (x86) or for SYSGO's flagship product PikeOS (x86, PPC, MIPS).


ELinOS 4.2 is available now. It supports the five processor families x86, PowerPC, ARM, SH and MIPS for Linux and Windows Host.

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