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SYSGO releases FreeToolbox for ELinOS

SYSGO is making the FreeToolbox of the ELinOS product line available as a free download version. This adds another product to the popular embedded Linux development environment ELinOS, giving developers unrestricted access to Linux for embedded systems.

"With the FreeToolbox, we are providing for the first time a free ELinOS version with tested components to ensure the quality of embedded systems under Linux," Knut Degen, CEO, explains SYSGO's initiave. "This way, developers quickly get an executable development environment with components that are tuned to each other, which is also the basis for our commercial products."

The FreeToolbox is an ELinOS project development environment with command-line tools that allows the creation of complete embedded systems under Linux. The target file system is automatically compiled and, if desired, transferred directly into the boot image. The project-related file management in connection with CVS makes reproducible development results possible and is thus the basis for successful work with Linux for embedded systems. In addition, already existing application software can be easily integrated and taken over into the system.

The FreeToolbox is based on Linux kernel versions 2.4.25 and 2.6.9 and includes a cross development kit that supports various boot strategies and contains precompiled target binaries and a demo.

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