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SYSGO to support congatec’s XTX Product Line

SYSGO, a leading vendor of reliable device software, has added congatec as a new strategic partner in the company’s partner program. SYSGO will include support for congatec’s XTX™ product line in its ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux, a leading Embedded Linux distribution. With ELinOS, congatec users can create a customized Embedded Linux solution for congatec modules in a few minutes.

“The increasing demand for Embedded Linux took us to the point where we need a strong partner in the Embedded Linux and real-time operating system business. With SYSGO we found that partner,” said Christian Schubert, CEO at congatec. “Like us, SYSGO is an ambitious, flexible and knowledgeable company in the embedded business. Furthermore, SYSGO supports a broad range of embedded systems, all the way up to those that have stringent hard real-time requirements, and they do it with a consistent and rigorous approach that has significant value to embedded system developers.”

“We are very pleased that congatec has chosen SYSGO as a strategic partner in the Embedded Linux and real-time business,” said Walter Grossgarten, Partner Manager at SYSGO. “For congatec, a fast- growing company that’s active in the vibrant embedded computer technology market, a comprehensive Linux solution is vital. We are poised to support congatec in all its embedded applications, from the least demanding to the most demanding, hard real-time, safety-critical systems.”

With SYSGO’s support package for congatec’s x86-based XTX product line, users will find that ELinOS Industrial Grade Linux has already integrated congatec’s x86 based XTX product line. As a result, the often expensive process of software “porting” is completely eliminated, and it’s possible to create customized and tailored Embedded Linux systems in minutes. The partnership has made plans to integrate SYSGO’s ELinOS Real-Time and PikeOS with congatec’s XTX series in the near future. This will enable the use of congatec’s XTX modules in hard real-time applications, as well as those that have less demanding real-time requirements.

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About XTX

XTX is a new, open, widely supported hardware standard for embedded applications. It has many technical and commercial advantages and it’s freely available, without licensing fees. congatec is a leading supplier of embedded computer modules for important emerging standards.

About congatec

congatec is an innovative and experienced manufacturer of COM Express, XTX and ETX embedded computer boards. Based in Deggendorf Germany, the company’s objective is to engineer and market industrial computer modules based on standard form factors. congatec's products are available for all business segments and industries. Customers can be found in industrial control, medical, automotive supplies, aircraft and transportation fields. Typical applications are machine control, vending machines and visualization terminals. congatec's main know-how includes the support of our embedded BIOS features, excellent driver support as well as full-featured board support packages. Customers receive complete product lifecycle support starting early during the design-in stage. congatec products are manufactured by specialized contract manufacturers who fulfill the latest quality standards.

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