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SYSGOs new Embedded Linux Distribution ELinOS in Version 7.1.2 as Immutable OS

SYSGO's embedded Linux distribution ELinOS is now available in the new version 7.1.2. Officially classified as a minor release, the Linux for embedded systems brings a major innovation: In a very simple wizard, the operating system can now be set up as "immutable". This means that the base system is unchangable and therefore much better protected against cyber attacks, because important system areas cannot be changed by unauthorized access. Additional applications and services run in a separated container environment. This separation provides a higher level of security within the system. The update capability, however, remains intact and other modules can also be subsequently changed or reloaded. The mechanism is different, however, because individual security patches are no longer added, but entire containers are replaced. This makes it easier to manage a very large number of devices and increases transparency for system administrators and network administrators alike, because wild growth in individualized single systems can be prevented.

Other new features in ELinOS 7.1.2 include support for secure communication channels using the wolfSSL extension "embedded TLS library", which is a lightweight, proprietary solution for TLS/SSL-based communication in embedded systems. The new version also includes numerous bug fixes and security updates (including the closure of the recently discovered critical security hole in the GNU C library glibc). In addition, ELinOS 7.1.2 introduces the new License Checker tool ScanCode. This can be applied to external modules, e.g., OSS source code archives, to generate a list of licenses used.

"With the minor release 7.1.2, we are taking a very big step this time and now empowering system integrators to deploy a much more secure system out-of-the-box and giving them a means for a further sensible security and update strategy. With regard to the upcoming Cyber Resiliance Act, we are well positioned. We are working hard to make ELinOS a high security Linux for embedded devices and are proud that we can now add another mosaic stone to this success story", says David Engraf, Head of Product Development Embedded Linux ELinOS at SYSGO.

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