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Automotive Connectivity: Benefits of a Secure Platform

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Our Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform (SACoP) is out on the market for some time on which embedded developers in the automotive industry can build secure applications with protected data streams. Since there is a huge interest in this system, Chris Berg, Solutions Architect at SYSGO, gave a brief introduction at the Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany about what embedded developers in the automotive industry can also do with SACoP.

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Chris Berg, Solutions Architect at SYSGO talks about the Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform SACoP

TLS Integration with WolfSSL’s Library

Since we recently started a partnership with the embedded security experts of WolfSSL, SACoP also integrates the lightweight, fast and feature-rich WolfSSL library written in ANSI C for such connectivity features as over-the-updates. With WolfSSL’s library embedded developers have the right tool to build secure embedded applications.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Component based ready-to-use automotive gateway
  • Firewall to protect domains with variable degree of criticality
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Support for several networks, e.g. 4G/5G, WI-FI, Ethernet & CAN
  • VLAN, IPv6, VLAN and IP-Multicast
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates
  • Certificable File System (CFS) up to AIL-B
  • Safety certification to ISO 26262
  • Extendable with APIs for PikeOS Native, POSIX, Linux, AGL and more
  • Management APIs (Configuration, Monitoring, Log, user parameters)
  • Secure Boot & Fast Boot
  • Separation kernel based hard real-time operating system
  • Embedded virtualisation
  • Robust time & resource partioning
  • All PikeOS supported architectures
  • Eclipse-based IDE CODEO
  • Large software & hardware ecosystem
  • Long Term Support

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