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Common Criteria EAL 5+ for Automotive Security ISO 21434

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As modern vehicles evolve, their increased complexity demands a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity, especially with the groth of interconnected electronic systems.

This whitepaper explores the imperative of integrating Common Criteria Security-certified supplier technology, like RTOS/Hypervisor, with Automotive systems adhering to ISO 21434 standards. The interconnection of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), gateways, Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV), and main computers introduces vulnerabilities to remote attacks, physical breaches, supply chain manipulations, insider threats, sensor attacks, and more.

We dive into the significance of Common Criteria Evaluation and ISO 21434 compliance, offering insights into fortifying Automotive Security against evolving threat vectors, ensuring Safety, reliability, and consumer trust in the ever-advancing Automotive landscape.

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