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SYSGO @ LoLiPoP-IoT Project Meeting in Frankfurt

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SYSGO participated in the LoLiPoP-IoT meeting, in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 23 to 24, 2023. LoLiPoP-IoT proposes a series of disruptive long battery life-enabling KDT platforms (>5 years). The latest advancements in the area were presented and discussed during the meeting. Several partners presented their energy harvesting devices, harvesting energy from sources like temperature difference, vibration, and movement. Some devices are awe-inspiring in size, and the quantity of energy produced, enough to fully support a sensor on the field.

SYSGO is contributing by building and providing a state-of-the-art gateway (an evolution of SACoP, our Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform), equipped with PikeOS, our real-time operating system and hypervisor. And on top of it, in multiple partitions of mixed-criticality, partners will be able to run and operate their own applications and possible multiple operating systems or other technologies, like Docker or Kubernetes. The smart gateway will exhibit several innovative technical characteristics, like an embedded firewall and #VPN, safety prioritization, along multiple protocols support, including BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Some of the partners involved in the use cases where SYSGO including Infineon, Fraunhofer, INS GmbH and eesy innovation GmbH.  

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