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Safety Security Summit India

ESSS 2017: Are we secured to be safe?

Events & Webcasts, Avionics & Defense, Automotive, Industrial Automation

It was a great pleasure being part of the Embedded Safety and Security Summit 2017 in Bangalore. More than 600 delegates attended the 3rd edition of the ESSS and listened to the latest trends about Safety & Security in Aerospace & Defence and Automotive. SYSGO also shared knowledge on “System-on-a-Chip certifiable OS Solution” and we also took the opportunity to present our new partnership with FTD.

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There was a lot of interest in SYSGO’s PikeOS as certified RTOS but also as virtualization solution. Both industries, A&D and Automotive, have a clear vision how to leverage the potential of multicore systems together with a safe and secure RTOS. This was also proofed during our speech.

It was very valuable to attend this year’s ESSS to network and learn about the industry in India.

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