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Automotive ISO 26262

ISO 26262 Compliance Sheet for PikeOS

PikeOS, Automotive, Safety
SYSGO Quotation

“The industry is rapidly moving towards the use of driverless cars and sharing services based on autonomous vehicles. The next real disruption is caused by new business models made possible by autonomous vehicles and networked services.”

This statement from Orit Shifman, CEO of OSR Enterprises, a startup company based in Switzerland and Israel, shows that the future of connected and autonomous mobility driven by artificial intelligence creates fundamentally different requirements for automotive platforms.

With SYSGO’s Safety & Security know how and our safe and secure RTOS & Hypervisor PikeOS companies like OSR are able to provide new automotive platforms of the next generation.

One of the important points is or will be the ISO 26262 safety compliance for which SYSGO created the ISO 26262 Compliance Sheet.

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