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System-on-a-Chip certifiable OS Solution

Whitepapers, Avionics & Defense, Safety

At this year’s embedded world we gave a talk about “Avionics – System On Chip Certifiable OS Solution”. Finally, the corresponding white paper is available for download.

The whitepaper is all about System-on-Chip (SoC) multi-core processor systems, where it talks about certification issues in relation to running an RTOS, such as PikeOS, in Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) mode.

The whitepaper discusses interference channels on SoC devices and the management of interference with PikeOS using time and resource partition, as well as new features of PikeOS enabling independent time partitions by SoC cores allowing time, resource and core separation for high criticality systems. Especially those for civilian and military airborne platforms, where the highest safety levels are required.

Download the Whitepaper