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ISOLDE: RISC-V Project Kick-off in Munich

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Our research and technology engineers from SYSGO had the privilege of participating in the ISOLDE project kickoff meeting at Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences in Munich from 5th to 7th July. The event brought together brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds to learn more about exciting topics such as RISC-V, FPGA, electronics, and IoT security. The meeting was an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, fostering collaboration, and charting the course for groundbreaking innovations in the field of RISC-V.

The ISOLDE Project: Empowering Europe's Digital Transformation

At the heart of the meeting was the ISOLDE project, which aims to drive the digital transformation of various economic and societal sectors, accelerating Europe's journey towards a greener, climate-neutral, and digitally empowered continent. Central to this ambition is the goal of strengthening design capacity and achieving digital autonomy across the EU.

High Performance RISC-V Processing Systems and Platforms

The main purpose of the ISOLDE project is the emphasis on customizable instruction sets and open leveraged designs of embedded RISC-V processors. RISC-V, being an open-source instruction set architecture (ISA), has gained significant traction in recent years due to its flexibility and adaptability. The ISOLDE consortium recognized the immense potential of RISC-V in driving innovation and fostering collaboration among partners.

A major objective of the ISOLDE project is to develop high-performance RISC-V processing systems and platforms, reaching at least TRL 7 for the majority of building blocks. Demonstrations of these advancements will be showcased in key European application domains, including automotive, space, and IoT. This marks a significant step towards creating a vibrant ecosystem of RISC-V-based solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of various industries.

Unlocking Digital Autonomy in European Industries

The ISOLDE project aspires to revolutionize European industries by fostering the adoption of high-performance RISC-V components in industrial quality products. The consortium has set its sights on achieving this milestone within two years after the project's completion. By doing so, Europe will have greater control over its digital landscape and lessen its reliance on external technologies.

SYSGO with Software and OS Support for RISC-V Processors

Hardware is only one part of the equation. With SYSGO in the team, the ISOLDE project acknowledges the critical role of software and operating system (OS) support in unlocking the full potential of RISC-V processors. In particular, our core activities will focus on supporting use cases in space, automotive, and smart energy applications, enabling seamless integration of RISC-V technologies into these domains.

The kickoff meeting in Munich laid the foundation for what promises to be a transformative journey towards Europe's digital autonomy. SYSGO is thrilled to be part of this jurney, collaborating with like-minded partners to turn ideas into reality.

Stay tuned for more updates and breakthroughs as the ISOLDE project progresses. Together, we can shape a greener, more digitally empowered Europe, fueled by innovation and powered by RISC-V.

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