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Developing DO-178C and ED-12C-certifiable Multi-Core Software

Whitepapers, Avionics & Defense

The embedded Avionics industry is transitioning from single-core to multi-core processors to meet the growing demands for software functionality and improved SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) characteristics. However, this shift poses certification challenges in understanding and mitigating multi-core interference.

To address this, SYSGO's PikeOS RTOS, in conjunction with Rapita Systems' MACH178 solution, provides an efficient approach to the development and certification of multi-core DO-178C software.

Using the NXP T2080 QDS as an example platform, the whitepaper demonstrates how interference affects software behavior and how careful selection of platform components and robust verification strategies can meet AMC 20-193 objectives. AMC 20-193 encourages the use of on-target testing for verification of timing behavior on multi-core systems.

Find out how the combination of PikeOS 5 and MACH178 aids in mitigating multi-core interference, reducing verification costs, and supporting the future of high-performance critical Avionics software.

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