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S3P Alliance Day 2017

SYSGO @ S3P Alliance Day 2017

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On Friday 20 October, I took part in the S3P Alliance Day 2017, which was held at the Thales RT site in Palaiseau. The day alternated between general presentations in an amphitheatre that welcomed nearly a hundred people, and demonstrations of "use cases" from the various industrial members of the consortium, in an adjoining space. This event, which was held for the second time this year, aims to promote the S3P platform and to encourage other industrial players to use this platform and join the consortium. As a reminder, S3P is a €45M investment project, dedicated to the development of IoT solutions - industrial or consumer.

The quality of the presentations and the diversity of the demos exhibited contributed to this objective. SYSGO, one of the technological leaders of the S3P project, was of course an active participant of this day and PikeOS, its certified hypervisor/OS, was at the heart of 4 demos among the 10 proposed. In a particularly competitive and dynamic field, the S3P initiative offers industrialists a combination of state-of-the-art technological building blocks and an industrial pre-validation "in the field" without equivalent on the international market.

This S3P Alliance information day showed that the interest aroused by this platform, of which PikeOS is a founding element, is undeniable!