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SYSGO Support Portal with new Features


A high level of technical support has always been part of SYSGO’s DNA and a key contributor to the success of our customers’ projects. We accompany our customers right from the beginning before development starts and extend our support over the entire lifecycle of our customers’ embedded solutions.

With a series of application notes, we are now expanding our support portal to provide high quality information for our customers. The application notes shall guide developers through common technical issues in a short and efficient manner. They are designed to complement SYSGO’s outstanding technical support which we are proud to deliver through our developers rather than a dedicated support organization. With our new series of application notes in our support portal, we want to help developers to use our products and technologies meaningfully and therefore help them to integrate them into their projects.

Application notes deliver in-depth coverage of frequent challenges and give step-by-step advice on how to master them – whether it is how to use shared memory to communicate between partitions in PikeOS or how to use build IDs. They complement our FAQs, but have a different scope. Application notes do not cover individual errors or messages but lead you through a productive process and get a critical task done. They go beyond product manuals and may include tips and tricks as well as workarounds for problems customers face during everyday work. With our application notes support, you have another option to access and benefit from our developers’ expertise.

Next to the new application notes, the support portal gives access to an extensive set of frequently asked questions for the operating systems PikeOS and ELinOS as well as the development platform CODEO. A download server is also available which hosts all product updates. A web form allows you to report your inquiry directly to our developers and completes our service.

Application notes are added frequently, so make sure to check from time to time.

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