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The embedded world Exhibition&Conference is the European tradeshow for intelligent, connected and embedded state-of-the-art solutions offering the embedded community the opportunity to present new products and innovations.

Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany

Under the motto Connected, Protected & Certifiable we have joint forces with our partners and customers to present demonstrators and Security solutions.

Whether you are interested in Avionics, Automotive, or industrial applications - the embedded world is characterised by Security and autonomy. SYSGO will show how to master highest Security requirements with PikeOS (RTOS & Hypervisor) and ELinOS (Embedded Linux)

Meet the SYSGO team, talk to our experts and get advice on Safety & Security topics.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth. 

See you in Nuremberg!

Dates: June 21 - 23

SYSGO Booth 4-532

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Our Demonstrators

Avionics Demo

SYSGO, RTI, Ansys and Xilinx have collaborated to deliver an integrated, certifiable demonstrator platform for Avionics:

  • PikeOS (SYSGO’s RTOS & Hypervisor) and ELinOS (SYSGO’s embedded Linux distribution)
  • Connext DDS Micro (RTI’s connectivity framework)
  • SCADE Suite (Ansys’ model-based development environment)
  • Xilinx UltraScale Board

We provide a software architecture that reduces integration and certification risk while accelerating time-to-market and deployment of secure, Safety-critical systems. PikeOS is running on both ARM Cortex A52 (MMU) and R5 (MPU) cores.

Learn how to create software architecture by using Ansys SCADE tools, RTI DDS technology and PikeOS on MMU, MPU and FPGA capabilities of Xilinx UltraScale board. As a result, we show a remote-controlled airplane whose servo motors are driven by PWM signals that are generated by PikeOS in real-time.

Automotive Demo

Our Automotive demo shows how PikeOS and Apex.OS with Apex.Middleware can be used to detect objects in space through point clouds. It is based on the Automotive high-end SoC Renesas R-Car-H3 running PikeOS. PikeOS hosts a version of the Apex.AI 3D perception stack. It uses pre-captured point cloud data from two Velodyne VLP-16 sensors. LiDAR sensors provide their data as point clouds in 3D space.

PikeOS hosts each node in a dedicated partition, safely and securely separating critical nodes (data conversion and filtering, ground classification, object detection) from non-critical nodes (separate fusion node for visualization data). Additionally, there is an Ethernet driver acting as virtual switch and a PikeOS native application that replays the captured data.

Security Corner

Security has to prevent failures which cause unauthorized access and / or handling of information. This is especially relevant in the fields of finance and insurance or government and military. In today’s connected world, actually almost all industry sectors are affected. Developers of critical embedded systems need to make embedded Security one of their design principles.

Come talk to us about your Security applications and certification needs. Being your trusted advisor, we offer the right software solutions and have many successful customer use cases on our credit – relying on a broad and powerful partner ecosystem.

Dates: June 21 - 23

SYSGO Booth 4-532

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