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Certification of Safety and Security-Critical Applications on Multi-Core presented at DASIA

SYSGO’s Stuart Fisher talks at DASIA in Warsaw to system and software designers about the key role of the operating system to meet the standards necessary to promote multi-core CPU’s in products requiring safety and/or security certification.

Modern day multi-core processors offer increased computing power for the same form factor, heat and power which makes them increasingly appealing to developers of embedded applications. In particular, designers are today harnessing the ideas behind software virtualization to consider migrating traditional legacy application from more than one hardware platform onto a central processing platform. That central processing platform would benefit greatly by utilizing a multi-core processor but until now any design that required formal certification was limited to a single core CPU.


Download the Whitepaper on SIL 4 Multi-Core Certification and learn more about how PikeOS supports both, software virtualization and certification of safety and security critical applications.

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Press Release

Read more about the first SIL 4 certification on multi-core for the Railway industry.

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