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Embedded Linux and PowerPC: An unbeatable Combination

ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS from SYSGO on PowerPC platforms from MEN. Enough has been written about the advantages of Embedded Linux. The advantages of PowerPC platforms are also well known. Together, they surpass any "Wintel" solution in terms of price, reliability and compactness. For this reason, MEN Mikro Elektronik and SYSGO have joined forces to present an unbeatable product family: SYSGO's ELinOS on all MEN's Kahlua II-based single-board computers.

The PowerPC family

MEN has realised six different single-board computers with the MPC8245 for different application areas in the medium performance segment: VMEbus and CompactPCI boards (system slot and peripheral slot) in double-Europe and single-Europe format with slots for M-modules, PC-MIPs or PMCs.

The MPC8245 with 300MHz delivers 450 MIPS with a power consumption of 1.8 watts. Using the 64-bit data bus of the Kahlua, an SO-DIMM slot for up to 512 MB SDRAM and 2 MB flash for boot and application software are available on the SBCs. CompactFlash is connected via the super I/O controller as a further scalable storage medium. Since one of the IDE interfaces is used for this, the advantages of a standard file system come into play. A second IDE interface is used to connect external hard disks. For each module, 2-4 serial interfaces, USB, keyboard and mouse as well as real-time clock and watchdog are available. The local bus is a 32-bit PCI bus, so that further standard chips or PCI-based mezzanine cards can easily be added.


ELinOS is a development environment that makes Linux available for embedded systems. Besides compilers, linkers and debuggers, ELinOS includes additional tools that enable the development of applications with limited hardware resources and provides the necessary boot strategies. As part of the Custom Board Support Programme, SYSGO has ported Linux to MEN's Kahlua II series PPC boards and integrated it into the ELinOS development environment. MEN and SYSGO thus present a low-cost and high-performance starter kit for complex data communication tasks. In addition to the development environment, SYSGO offers support, training and services for embedded systems under Linux.

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MEN Micro Electronik

MEN Mikro Elektronik supplies fail-safe computer assemblies/systems developed and qualified for extreme environmental conditions for industrial and "embedded" applications. Founded in 1982 in Nuremberg, MEN employs around 90 people. The export share of the globally active company with its own subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and the USA is about 50%. The standard product range includes about 140 different computer modules with associated software as well as completely configured systems. In addition, the development and production of customised hardware is offered as a service. The products are used as controllers, measuring, test or simulation computers in the transport sector (railways, ships, buses), the automotive industry, mechanical engineering as well as in aerospace, medical technology, the military and telecommunications.

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