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ELinOS Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux for Hardware Manufacturers and OEMs

SYSGO now offers special hardware programs for ELinOS - the most popular development program for Linux in Europe. Both programs are aimed at board manufacturers and OEMs who want to offer their customers a professional solution for Linux.

The "Custom Board Program" (CBP) includes the porting of Linux to the customer's board as well as the integration into the ELinOS development environment. Thus, the development of Linux applications can be started immediately.

"Custom Board Support Program" (CBSP) extends the CBP by a long-term support programme with automatic updating to new ELinOS versions. With the help of these two programs, board manufacturers and OEMs can continue to concentrate on their competencies in the hardware area and SYSGO offers the appropriate Linux support. This gives the Linux strategy the durability and reliability required by the industry.

ELinOS is a development environment for embedded Linux applications and contains tools and support that facilitate the development of applications with low memory requirements and enable the use of Linux on minimal systems.

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