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From Technology Leader to Europe's No. 1

The requirements for embedded systems have fundamentally changed in the 21st century. Today, one platform runs multiple functions with different levels of criticality. These systems have turned into networked infrastructures, which are increasingly accessible through the Internet. They require a software platform that safeguards all subsystems and guarantees safety and security of the overall system.

Ten years ago, PikeOS was designed to meet these demands and has since been used as the software basis for numerous national and European research projects. Today, technology leaders such as Airbus, Rheinmetall or Samsung rely on PikeOS.

With the Thales Group being the key shareholder, SYSGO now receives the resources to become one of the TOP 3 operating system vendors in this US-dominated market. After an intensive technical evaluation, Thales has decided to use PikeOS as the operating system of choice internally. In addition, Thales is investing heavily in the growth of SYSGO GmbH, which is thus in a position to serve the booming market of safety- and security-critical devices worldwide. The staff numbers and revenue are expected to rise accordingly by 300 percent until 2016.

Applications in avionics, railway, automotive, industrial automation and medical no longer get along with simple real-time kernels. Originally developed for isolated equipment and optimized for single tasks, operating systems today monitor and control complex, highly integrated, and networked systems. That makes them vulnerable to functional errors and malicious attacks.

Compliance to safety standards like IEC 61508, DO-178B/C, or EN 50128 are mandatory in several industries to ensure functional safety. Due to rapidly growing numbers of malicious attacks on industrial applications, trustworthiness of software (security) and protection against hostile attacks also become an important issue.

PikeOS has been certified according to safety standards for avionics (DO-178), railway (EN 50128) and industrial automation (IEC 61508). Certification for Automotive (ISO 26262) and medical (IEC 62304) are planned. Subject of several European research projects is the certification of PikeOS according to the highest attainable standard for software, Common Criteria EAL6.

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