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Germany's top-selling Embedded Linux Distribution now available in English

ELinOS Embedded Linux

ELinOS, the German distribution and toolchain for embedded Linux is now available in English. Up to now, close to 500 companies are using ELinOS in the German speaking market, making ELinOS the best selling Embedded Linux toolchain in the region. The latest version is based on Linux Kernel 2.4 and has been equipped with the kernel extension RTAI, thus allowing the use of Linux in the context of hard real-time tasks. ELinOS is available, not only as version for x86 processors, but also for PowerPC and ARM.

SYSGO is introducing the English version of its development environment for embedded Linux ELinOS 2.0. By virtue of the kernel extension RTAI, the latest version of ELinOS can even handle hard real-time tasks now. This feat, hitherto the sole privilege of a group of proprietary operating systems, can now also be accomplished with Linux. In addition, the embedded Linux distribution has been extended with respect to the kernel configuration tool ELK and now offers a perpetual graphic user interface for the creation of directly bootable ROM images. ELK 2.0 is equipped with a root-filesystem-editor and can manage several kernels at the same time. The CD also contains the latest BusyBox 0,51 with extended shell and mini-vi-editor. In the newest version, the embedded Linux distribution supports kernel version 2.4 which contains additonal feature like JFFS Journaling Flash File System, MTD Memory Techology Devices, and the support for USB. Besides the popular x86 processors, such as AMD ELan, JUMPtec Dimm, and SSV DIL/NetPC, ELinOS now also supports PowerPC and will support ARM in Q4/2001. The PowerPC version includes the PPCBoot firmware and ready-to-run environments for popular boards like MVME-2700, MBX-8xx, EST-8260 or IBM Walnut (405).

To further facilitate the development of embedded Linux systems, ELinOS offers numerous preconfigured standard profiles covering all of the most important embedded situations. The examples provided on the CD have been extended, are documented in a very clear manner, and can, if needed, be loaded into the development environment and altered in accordance with the specific application. Thus even less experienced developers can, within no time, develop their own embedded application. This is also true for the boot strategies required in the embedded field. ELinOS is offering pre-configuered boot situations for, among others, ROM, floppy, flash-disk, or network boot. Finally, the distribution includes a detailed manual, explaining the toolchain and covering the specifics of Linux in an embedded environment.

The development environment ELinOS supports engineers in developing embedded systems with the open source operating system Linux. ELinOS includes numerous tools making it easier to develop applications with little memory demands and enabling developer to utilize Linux on minimal systems, such as cell phones, PDAs, or electronic devices.

ELinOS addresses those from the industrial sector who either use this techology for the first time or are already using Linux, but looking for a toolchain to put their application into embedded devices. ELinOS is equipped to run on all major Linux distributions.

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