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Industrial Linux gains ADA 2005 Tools

AdaCore is offering an embedded Linux add-on for its high-level ADA development tools. GNAT Pro for SYSGO's ELinOS Linux distribution brings the industrially oriented Linux distribution support for the first available implementation of the ADA 2005 standard.

ADA is a high-level language originally based on Pascal. Popular with embedded and real-time systems programmers, ADA was created by the U.S. Department of Defense, and named for Ada Lovelace, said to be the first computer programmer, according to Wikipedia.

AdaCore says its GNAT Pro toolset offers the first shipping implementation of the ADA 2005 standard. The latest release improves object-oriented programming and real-time support, according to the vendor.

AdaCore says its GNAT Pro tools support more platforms than competitors. The "multi-language" toolset comes with source code, libraries, bindings, and tools based on GNU's gcc.

SYSGO's ELinOS distribution targets industrial and real-time embedded applications. It comes with graphical tools for configuring and building embedded filesystems, and can run in a secure partition atop SYSGO's PikeOS RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). The distribution supports AMD-V virtualization hardware, and supports at least one CORBA ORB. It was used recently, along with real-time Java, in German traffic lights.

Jacques Brygier, VP of marketing at SYSGO, stated, "GNAT Pro for ELinOS will satisfy customer demand for Ada on embedded Linux."

Robert Dewar, CEO of AdaCore, stated, "With the rising interest in embedded Linux, and a marketplace that simultaneously demands productivity, reliability, and efficiency, GNAT Pro for ELinOS is a winning combination."


GNAT Pro for ELinOS ships as an add-on to the GNAT Pro development environment. 

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