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Miele relies on ELinOS from SYSGO for new Generation of Household Appliances

ELinOS, the Embedded Linux from German developer SYSGO, serves as the technical basis for Miele's new Generation 7000 line of household appliances. The two companies are thus continuing their long-standing and successful cooperation. ELinOS is already being used the Generation 6000, first introduced in 2015, primarily for its innovative operating concept with a touchpad.

Using a common hardware and software basis for all household appliances is an essential component of Miele's development philosophy. In addition, Miele strives to decouple operation from the increasing complexity of the appliances and make it as easy as possible for the customer. With ELinOS, Miele has a high-performance and highly flexible software environment that is optimized for embedded applications. In addition, the company has access to SYSGO's consultants and engineers at all times, who actively support the in-house team with customization and in-house developments. SYSGO has optimized the Linux kernel especially for Miele to allow it to boot within a maximum of 200 milliseconds and all functions are available to the user immediately after switching on the device.

ELinOS is also the technical basis for "M Touch", Miele's touchpad-based operating concept. The control unit uses the widespread Flash technology, which firstly requires a high level of hardware and software performance and secondly cannot easily be integrated in environments based on conventional real-time operating systems, which was a major reason for choosing Linux. In addition, SYSGO had the experience and resources to port embedded Flash for Miele to the ELinOS platform.

In addition to a Linux distribution optimized for embedded applications, ELinOS provides a comprehensive collection of tools as well as an Eclipse-based graphical development environment with CODEO. In order to guarantee the highest possible level of security, ELinOS is based on the Debian distribution, where security flaws are being patched very quickly. SYSGO relies exclusively on LTS Kernel Releases (Long Term Supported) to ensure the necessary long-term support for embedded applications.

"For the Generation 6000, we decided to use ELinOS because SYSGO was not only able to provide the operating system and development environment, but also had extensive experience in embedded applications and, as a European manufacturer, was able to guarantee comprehensive local support throughout the entire development phase," says Daniel Bettenworth, Product Owner at Miele. "Both ELinOS itself and the cooperation with SYSGO have proven to be excellent, so there was no reason to choose a different platform for the new generation".

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