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Real-Time Innovations and SYSGO sign Partnership Agreement

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and SYSGO have agreed on a comprehensive partnership to integrate their products, including distribution, support and services of RTI products such as NDDS and StethoScope by SYSGO. The distribution agreement allows SYSGO to distribute RTI NDDS(r) products for the Linux(r), VxWorks(r), LynxOS(r), Windows(r) and QNX(r) platforms in Germany. In addition, SYSGO has been granted the marketing rights to RTI's popular Stethoscope graphical visualisation tool for Linux; Stethoscope is already used by thousands of embedded developers around the world.

"This agreement opens the door for embedded developers to a much wider choice of best-in-class solutions for network-based applications," said Mike Rogosin, general manager of Real-Time Innovations EMEA, "Networking middleware and cutting-edge development tools are now available on the new popular platforms in Germany and beyond."

NDDS is a real-time publish-subscribe technology that greatly simplifies the formation of large networks with "many-to-many" communication requirements. NDDS technology and experience complies with the latest international standard for real-time data distribution - DDS - from the Object Management Group (OMG). This technology is already widely used in large-scale applications in the transportation, aerospace, industrial and telecommunications markets.

"RTI products are widely used and recognised. The cooperation with RTI enables SYSGO to increase its own product and service offering and to provide tailor-made solutions," explains Michael Tiedmann, Sales Manager at SYSGO, adding, "the integration with ELinOS and LynxOS is completed, sales and support capacities will be available by the end of January.

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