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SYSGO acquires the Swedish SESE AB

To expand its European commitment, the German SYSGO is taking over the Swedish SESE (Scandinavian Embedded Solutions & Engineering AB). SESE distributes SYSGO's Linux products, the LynxOS real-time operating system and hardware products from Thales, Tews and Polyrack in the Scandinavian countries.

"Scandinavia is the fastest growing Linux market in Europe after Germany. In that environment, it's not enough to just sell a product, we need to be close locally to be able to support it as well," explains Knut Degen, CEO of SYSGO, adding, "The acquisition of SESE is the first milestone in our European strategy to continue our success in our home market across Europe."

With its ELinOS product range, SYSGO has a mature offering for the embedded market. In addition to development software, SYSGO offers board support for popular harwdare platforms, support, services and application development assistance on Linux.

"Now we can offer our customers not only products but increasingly also services for the embedded market. We are very much looking forward to working closely with SYSGO in the future," Per-Ivar Eltvik of SESE commented on the acquisition.

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About SESE

SESE AB was founded in June 2002 and delivers products for the embedded market with a strong focus on the operating system environment for embedded Linux and RTOS. SESE provides services, support and training for embedded Linux and LynxOS as well as turnkey solution and hardware products.

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